Police Forces, Federations and Charities 

We deliver mental health training for police services, federations, and charities across the UK to reduce suicide risk in officers and staff and build their emotional resilience as a defence against depression and anxiety. 
Police clients we have delivered our award-winning training to include: Metropolitan Police Service, PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland), Merseyside Police, Police Care UK, Derbyshire Constabulary, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Warwickshire Police, Essex and Kent Police, Police Federations of England & Wales, Devon & Cornwall Police Federation, West Mercia Police, Cheshire Police, Isle of Wight Police, West Midlands Police, Surrey Police and Sussex Police. 

Programme 1: Suicide Prevention Skills 

Our Suicide Prevention Programme lasts for three hours and has the overall objective of developing basic suicide prevention skills in participants. The training programme is structured as follows: 
Section 1: 
Myths and Facts around Suicide 
Exercise covering many of the most common myths around suicide. 
Section 2: 
Emotional Resilience and Depression 
What is resilience, and why it is so important. 
Protective and risk factors. 
Clinical depression. 
Recovery from depression – what works? 
Section 3: 
Depression and Suicide Risk 
What is suicide? 
The five elements of the suicidal mind. 
Why would someone consider suicide? 
How we can reduce suicide risk – World Health Organisation. 
Can we save someone? 
Why might someone not ask for help? 
Why might someone not try to help? 
Section 4: 
Safely helping someone – using the Look Listen Link model 
Look Listen Link Model 
Look for the signs – IS PATH WARM FOR 
Listen and Ask – Active listening model. 
Link to the help that is available- Crisis, Serious Concern or Needs Help 
“Very enjoyable, interactive, informative session. Highly recommend. Expertly delivered!” 
Police Officer, Merseyside Police Federation 
"Very informative session that should be widely distributed. Good presentation skills with the correct balance between info and exercise. Would highly recommend this course to all colleagues." 
Police Officer, Police Service of Northern Ireland 
"Really informative, I have learnt a lot. I thought I knew a lot about this but obviously didn’t know at all! Absolutely recommend to other officers – should be mandatory." 
Police Officer, Metropolitan Police 

Programme 2: How to improve and protect your Mental Health 

Our 'How to improve and protect your Mental Health' Programme lasts for three hours and has the overall aim of teaching participants the habits and skills that mentally healthy people use to become and stay mentally healthy. This evidenced based training supports the movement from languishing to flourishing mental health, this reduces the risk of developing depression by up to six times. 
Section 1: 
The Mental Health Spectrum. 
The Mental Health Spectrum. 
Not being depressed doesn't mean you are mentally healthy. 
Moving from languishing to flourishing Mental Health. 
Measuring your Positivity Ratio 
Measuring your Mental Wellbeing using the Warwick Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale. 
Section 2: 
Feel better more often; less stressed on a bad day, happier on a good day. 
Gratitude diary 
Dr Luskin's Process of Forgiveness 
4Rs of Self Forgiveness 
Hedonic Wellbeing 
Mindfulness is a Mental Health Superpower 
Happy people become happier by doing acts of kindness 
Empathy - key skill of being kind 
Psychological Optimism - change your life outcomes, live longer. 
Section 3: 
Protect your Mental Health 
Become Emotionally Resilient 
Emotion Recovery 
Emotional Sustainability 
Implementing the seven habits of Mentally Healthy People. 

Direct delivery or Train the Trainer 

There are organisations that need us to deliver our training directly to their staff or members; for example, we deliver our training directly to the Met Police and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons as part of their Mind Matters Initiative. 
Other organisations wish to build their own capacity to deliver our training programmes and we provide a Train the Trainer Programme. Many Students’ Unions have chosen this option including Glasgow, London School of Economics, Royal Veterinary College, Aberystwyth, Ulster, Loughborough, Swansea, Wrexham and Sussex. 
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