Our training focuses on the people around someone at risk and we train them to follow the Look Listen Link model to protect everyone involved. 

We teach people how to help someone at risk, with the focus on how to safely bridge the gap between the person at risk and the help they need. 
Our training is mindful of both the person at risk and the person who wishes to help. 

Understanding Suicide Prevention Training 

For most people suicide is not about dying, it is about stopping unbearable pain. 
With the right help and support people can move away from suicide risk, but most people at risk are not receiving the help they need. Our role is to link the person at risk to the people who can provide that help. 
Almost all suicide survivors have experienced ambivalence. They change from considering suicide as a solution, to seeking other ways of stopping their pain; if they do not get help, they often return to considering suicide. 
Most people at risk of suicide have developed a mental health issue. The mental health issue, commonly clinical depression, is the link to suicidal risk. 
Clinical depression can be treated through a combination of medication, therapies, and lifestyle changes. 

Is Suicide Prevention Safe? 

The best way of keeping everyone safe is to link to professionals, who have the skills and resources needed to carry out a proper assessment and organise the support and treatment the person needs. 
The programme reduces the fears that act as barriers to helping someone who may be at risk. Listening to someone, allowing them to talk about their distress, and linking them to the appropriate help could save a life. Following the Look Listen Link model keeps everyone safe, not just the person with suicidal thoughts. 
Our training clearly explains the boundaries that keep everyone safe. Our role is to help the person at risk to engage with professional help, not to try and provide that help ourselves. 
Direct Delivery 
We deliver suicide prevention training to organisations across the UK including the Metropolitan Police, Police Service NI, Merseyside Police, Kent Police and the Police Federations of England and Wales. 
Originally the programmes were delivered face to face, but we have now successfully transitioned to live remote training using zoom and Microsoft teams. This has reduced travel time for participants, time away from work and demands for facilities. We are also now able to offer a wider range of time slots including evening programmes for parents. 
Train the Trainer 
We have trained students, university staff and volunteers to deliver our programmes in Universities and Students’ Unions including Cardiff, Glasgow, Ulster, London School of Economics and the Royal Veterinary College. 
Glasgow University Award for Campus Volunteering 2021 was awarded to the Mind Your Mate trainers, who ‘worked tirelessly to ensure their suicide prevention workshops continue to run during this difficult year where student mental health has taken such a hit. It’s an amazing, heartfelt and educational programme and the issue the team raise is extremely important’. 

Suicide Prevention Skills 

Our Suicide Prevention Programme lasts for three hours and has the overall objective of developing basic suicide prevention skills in participants. The training programme is structured as follows: 
Section 1: 
Myths and Facts around Suicide 
Exercise covering many of the most common myths around suicide. 
Section 2: 
Emotional Resilience and Depression 
What is resilience, and why it is so important. 
Protective and risk factors. 
Clinical depression. 
Recovery from depression – what works? 
Section 3: 
Depression and Suicide Risk 
What is suicide? 
The five elements of the suicidal mind. 
Why would someone consider suicide? 
How we can reduce suicide risk – World Health Organisation. 
Can we save someone? 
Why might someone not ask for help? 
Why might someone not try to help? 
Section 4: 
Safely helping someone – using the Look Listen Link model 
Look Listen Link Model 
Look for the signs – IS PATH WARM FOR 
Listen and Ask – Active listening model. 
Link to the help that is available- Crisis, Serious Concern or Needs Help 
“The programme was exceptionally informative and has given me the confidence to ask more direct questions in the appropriate circumstances. Despite the serious nature of the subject there was humour too which was helpful.” 
Participant, Merseyside Police Federation 
"The programme was exceptional. I found it to be the perfect mix of information, essential guidance and humour. It was a really enjoyable and eye opening workshop." 
Police Officer, PSNI. 
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