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How to Improve and Protect your Mental Health 

You can improve your mental health by changing four things: learn how to feel happier more often, discover how to feel better about yourself, feel more connected to other people in your life, and become more resilient when things become stressful.  

Achieve these four outcomes and you will be mentally healthier. And as you become mentally healthier you very significantly reduce the risk of becoming mentally unwell. Science tells us so - and the research evidence underpinning these statements is explored clearly and logically in each chapter of this book. 

The book explains how to use the mental health spectrum to understand your current state of wellbeing; how to feel better more often by using a gratitude diary, learning the process of forgiveness, planning hedonic moments, learning mindfulness meditation and how it physically changes your brain; learning to use the optimistic framework to improve life outcomes and how to challenge negative self talk. 

Discover how to develop healthy self-esteem and self-confidence so that you can control feelings of being an imposter or the need to be perfect. Learn how to reduce feelings of loneliness, understand the importance of kindness in developing our own happiness.  


Through implementing the habits of mentally healthy people, described in this book, you can develop your emotional resilience so that you can bounceback emotionally after a negative event and keep going for longer to achieve your goals and solve your problems. 

“Would recommend this book to anyone remotely interested in their mental health. Very easy read but backed up with the research.”

“This book is full of very clear, precise explanations and recommendations which I will be following.”

“Strongly recommend this book- for everybody, not just people who are stressed.”

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Improve Your Mental Health Book
About the Author

Eddie Bannon is the director of a specialist mental health charity and won a UK National Training Award for his suicide prevention programme ‘Mind Your Mate’.


He designs and delivers bespoke mental health training for police forces, veterinary organisations, universities, students’ unions, and schools.


He delivers mental health training to organisations including the Metropolitan Police, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, Police Service of Northern Ireland, West Midlands Police and Students Unions in LSE, Glasgow, Cardiff and the University of Ulster.  

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