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Police Federations

We have worked with Police Federations, Police Services and Police Charities across the UK to improve the mental health of their officers and staff. Our Police clients have included the Police Federation of England and Wales, the Metropolitan Police Service and Police Care UK.

Mental Health Training Programmes

We deliver two programmes to Police Federations: Suicide Prevention Skills for Police Officers and Mind Yourself, How to Improve and Protect your Mental Health.  

Suicide Prevention Skills for Police Officers

The quality of our suicide prevention training has been recognised through the receipt of a UK National Training Award.  We have trained thousands of police officers, and staff, how to intervene to support a colleague, a friend or a loved one who may be at risk.  We train participants how to use the Look Listen Link Model to safely intervene when someone, a colleague, friend or loved one, has become at hightened risk of suicide or self harm.

Section 1: Myths and Facts around Suicide.

Section 2: Emotional Resilience as a defence against depression and anxiety.

Section 3: Clinical Depression and Suicide Risk.

Section 4: The Look Listen Link model of suicide prevention.

Almost 100% of police participants recommend that fellow officers should complete the programme.

Almost 100% of participants state that after completing the programme they are more likely to help a colleague at risk.

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MIND Yourself:
How to improve and protect your mental health

Skills of Emotional Resilience

Research is clear, we can improve our mental health by introducing mentally healthy habits into our daily lives.

In this programme we explain the evidence supporting five daily habits that you can easily bring into your every day life:

  • Keeping a simple gratitude Diary that can bring more joy in your life.

  • Completing an act of kindness.

  • Enjoying hedonic moments

  • Practicing mindfulness meditation for seven minutes

  • Completing an act of connection

Our Emotional Resilienece is a major defence against depression and anxiety. We can strengthen our resilience by learning four skills:

  • How to reduce our rumination leading to reduced risk of depression.

  • How to control our emotional stress response through TACT.

  • How to use the Optimistic Framework to avoid depression and improve life outcomes.

  • How to forgive yourself when you fail.

How can we help you support your members’ mental health?

We can deliver our programmes face-to-face or live online using Microsoft Teams.

We would be delighted to discuss how we could help improve your members' mental health and safety.


Please email or phone her on 07725836449.

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